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Pardis Parizadeh, DDS

At Ellicott City Orthodontics, our team is dedicated to providing the kindest and gentlest care to our patients, understanding their individual traits, and tailoring their treatment to their personal needs so all of our patients and their families walk away with a smile. Our team remains educated in the latest technology and advances by attending Ortho 2 Users Group meetings, the American Association of Orthodontists National Meetings, and the Mid-Atlantic Society of Orthodontists Meetings.

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Orthodontic Technicians

Our orthodontic technicians will walk you and your child through every step of the process. In addition to assisting Dr. Parizadeh in clinical procedures, they will make sure your child feels comfortable throughout the course of their treatment plan. 

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Michelle Stillman
Treatment And Financial Coordinator

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Orthodontic Assistant

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PT Coordinator / Receptionist